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POS Solutions offers service, consulting, installation, and help desk support particularly geared to the Point of Sale market. With over 40 years of combined experience, POS Solutions can help you make the right decision about the products that will not only save you time, but help make your business more successful. If you have a need for quality products and systems to help your hospitality or retail business take it to the next level, let POS Solutions' expert staff help you explore the many options available to you.

Important Changes Regarding Your POS For 2014

Beginning January 1st, 2014, there are some important law amendments that you need to know about as a Point of Sale System owner. The staff at POS Solutions would to like make sure that you are aware of these changes and are prepared to deal with them.

Mixed Beverage Alcohol Permit Tax Changes

For customers that have a Mixed Beverage Alcohol Permit, House Bill 3572 changes the way that you will both collect taxes from the customer and pay the Texas Alcohol And Beverage Commission. We have created a document that will help you configure Aloha POS to account for and charge the new tax properly to guests. There are 2 documents here that cover the changes in both the older style Aloha Manager and the newer Aloha eManager software.

Configuring LBW Sales Tax In Aloha Manager
Configuring LBW Sales Tax In Aloha eManager

If you are not sure which software that you are running, please try the guide titled "Configuring LBW Sales Tax in Old Aloha Manager" as this is the most common conifguration for our customers.

Auto-Gratuities Are Now Considered Wages

For customers that have been using Auto-Gratuities in the Aloha POS system, we have created a document that describes new clarifications from the IRS about how business should track and account for this money. This clarification changes and automatic gratuities so they are treated as wages and no longer tips. Please see the below document for the official clarification and NCR's recommended steps to handle these changes.

Configuring Auto Gratuities For January 2014

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Aloha POS solutions are recognized by restaurant owners everywhere for their ease-of-use, speed, reliability and accuracy.

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Gulfcoast’s state of the art Digital Video and Data Recorders feature best in class video compression and remote view technologies.

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Hospitality - Aloha Point of Sale products offer advanced POS functionality, intuitive Windows-based touch screens, and built-in redundancy. With Aloha POS, you gain access to the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your hospitality operations.

Retail - CounterPoint real-time software is a graphical point of sale and inventory management system that gives retailers complete data access and control over their business operations.