About us

Great products for great people

     At POS Solutions, we understand that a restaurant owner's work is never done. That's why we have a dedicated team of 25 local experts in Austin who are there to provide 24/7 onsite support when you need it. Since 1999, POS Solutions has been the leading point of sale and restaurant solutions provider in central Texas. We offer a complete suite of scalable, fully integrated point of sale solutiuons and services that help you grow your business successfully and add to your bottom line. POS Solutions specializes in custom point of sale, payment and above store management solutions for fast casual, fine dining, pizzerias, sushi bars, hotels, event venues, bars, night clubs, movie theaters and more. With over 1000 satisfied customers between Waco and San Marcos, POS Solutions has become central Texas's trusted restaurant and hospitality services provider for almost two decades!

Our Team

Meet the Executive Team

Allen Devino - Founder and CEO

Allen founded POS Solutions in 1999 and is grown the company to 25 local employees and over 1000 customers.

Chad Edwards - CFO

As the co-owner and CFO of POS Solutions, Chad has been working with Allen and Aloha POS for almost two decades.

Jeremiah Oliver 

As Director of Operations, Jeremiah has 15 years of Aloha POS and restaurant technology experience. He heads up the support and implementation teams.  

Take a look at some of our customers

 From sushi bars and fine dining to fast food and night clubs, POS Solutions has everything you need to operate efficiently and profitably.