POS Solutions Partners with PayMyTab

POS Solutions Partners with PayMyTab

Integrate Seamless EMV Payments with your Point of Sale

Simple, Secure and Fast EMV Payments

POS Solutions is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the guest engagement experts at PayMyTab! The recent switch to EMV (or chip and pin) cards in the U.S. has put restaurants in a difficult position, and many have started to suffer from an increase in credit card charge-backs. But with PayMyTab's simple and secure table-side EMV technology, you can easily integrate PCI compliant EMV payments into your point of sale and add exponential value to your investment! From secure table-side payments and a smart phone app to loyalty programs and effective email marketing tools, PayMyTab delivers an exceptional guest experience. Check out some of PayMyTab's neat features below:

Tableside EMV

EMV Certified solution to eliminate chargebacks

Valuable Feedback

Collect reviews and feedback on every check.

Guest Loyalty

Fully integrated loyalty with your POS and smartphone app

Digital Marketing

Run email and SMS campaigns with detailed reporting.

Mobile App

Engage guests and minimize training

Secure Payments

Let guests pay from their smartphone and turn tables faster.


Simplify Operations and enhance guest experiences.

Real-Time Notifications

Leverage actionable data for a real VIP guest experience.

Simple and Secure Table-Side EMV Technology

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