Cloud Solutions

We offer the latest cloud innovations to help enhance your customer experience and add value to your POS.

From customer loyalty and order aggregators to multi-store configuration, real-time analytics and employee performance tools, take a look at the different cloud-based options that can be integrated with your point of sale.

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NCR Hosted Solutions*

The industry-leaders at NCR spend millions of dollars annually on research and development to provide valuable hosted solutions and restaurant management tools.  

NCR offers a host of services that fully integrate with the Aloha POS system, including real-time analytics, gift cards, secure remote access, mobile payments and theft prevention tools. 

*Can only be used with Aloha POS system.

Pulse Real Time

Delivers actionable, operational information to a user’s smart phone in real-time. Real time metrics include payments, net sales, labor, sales forecasting and employee performance.

Aloha Stored Value

This industry-leading gift card distribution and management system enables managers to strengthen customer relationships, create new revenue streams and drive repeat business.

Restaurant Guard

This powerful back-office solution provides managers with all the tools and insights they need to identify and mitigate losses proactively, while strengthening internal controls.

Configuration Center

Centralized database management  application that manages Aloha Point-of-Sale configuration settings for multi-store restaurant organizations. Offers remote distribution and access capabilities through an easy-to-use .NET rich-client interface.

Customer Voice

a web-based customer loyalty, retention and  referral tool based on the Net Promoter Score® that provides you with instant feedback of your customer’s experience.

Aloha Loyalty

Enables your organization to quickly design, rollout and manage effective loyalty programs to engage your customers. Develop customizable, innovative programs for individual or multiple sites with unlimited bonus plans and reward structures.

NCR Pulse Real Time


Make the Everyday Easier...

                        Pulse Real Time allows you to view open checks and tables, see net sales, rank employees, sales forecast and more all from your smartphone! It's like having another restaurant manager around all the time! 

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                        Seamlessly power your restaurant's host stand, loyalty program, mobile app, gift cards, online ordering and mobile payments with this all-in-one guest engagement solution.                

Table Up offers an integrated suite of guest and restaurant management tools that help engage your guests and run your restaurant efficiently. 

Allow guests to access their loyalty and gift card account and order online with TableUp's integrated customer-facing mobile app. Cut back on wait times and turn tables faster with TableUp's host stand solution.

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Loyalty Program

Offer both spend-based loyalty and customer liquor/food clubs that generate interest and drive traffic. Everything runs seamlessly through the app and your POS in real time.

Host Stand

Increase guest engagement and operating efficiency while managing your wait list, online reservations, tables and servers from an iPad at the host stand.

Online Ordering

Create custom menus, specify payment methods and set the hours.  Orders can be placed from your website, Facebook page and mobile app and get sent straight to the kitchen.

Mobile App

Allow guests to view the wait time, join the wait list, make reservations, earn points and redeem awards, order takeout, buy and manage gift cards and pay their check on the app.

Gift Cards

With this integrated solution, Guests can not only purchase an manage gift cards, they can also use them to pay their check all from your branded iPhone or Android mobile app.

Mobile Payments (Coming Soon)

Allow guest to pay when they want from your restaurant's app. All payments run seamlessly through your existing credit card processor and integrate with your POS system. 

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Order Aggregators

Give your customers a seamless ordering solution and multiple ordering options with order aggregators that integrate directly with your POS.

Integrate delivery services like GrubHub and DoorDash for an additional revenue stream and even more accessibility for your customers. Aloha POS and several of our POS offerings have order aggregating features to include services such as DoorDash and GrubHub.