Network Security Services

Integrated, managed network security services for restaurants and bars.

Keep your restaurant and customer information secure and your POS compliant with our managed network security, 4G data backup and PCI compliance services.  Check out our top-of-the-line options below...

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The network security experts at Netsurion know that the reputation of your business is priceless. That's why they offer robust security architecture tailored to your business needs and proprietary firewall circumvention protection that is proven to help prevent against costly attacks.  With simplified remote installation and monthly recurring costs that fit your budget, Netsurion helps make quality network security and PCI compliance support accessible to business of all sizes and types.

Restaurants, bars and other food service providers have a complex set of network challenges and unique PCI requirements to fulfill. Let Netsurion help protect your brand with advanced threat protection, reliable 4G data backup and managed WiFi plans and commercial grade managed firewall.  

Data Breach Financial Protection

Help minimize the negative financial impacts in case of a data breach.

Secure Remote Access

Ensure remote connections don't become an opportunity for hackers with unparalleled secure remote access.


Enterprise Grade Firewall

Protect your customer credit card data and restaurant with commercial grade managed firewall.

PCI Compliance Support

Get compliant, stay compliant and report on compliance with a trusted partner with Netsurion's PCI Security Assessment Questionnaire Wizard.

4G Failover 

Protect from unexpected disruptions, as well as breach threats, with advanced network monitoring and automatic failover to cellular when internet connection is lost. 


If you're a franchisor or multi-store concept, protect your brand with a personalized communication plan and rollout strategy for PCI Compliance adoption, network security and resilience.

NCR Network Security Services

                        Understanding the potential entry points for system attacks is complex and requires dedicated resources to maintain a strong, secure network. NCR Network and Security Services (NSS) offers a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that safeguards networks and detects threats before a breach occurs.

Help identify risks before your system is compromised. Decrease potential disruptions caused by security breaches and significantly reduce your exposure to costly fines.            

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Managed Antivirus

Help protect customer credit card data and endpoints from malicious malware with commercial-grade managed antivirus.

Application Whitelisting

Monitor and control which sites are allowed on your back office computer and which are not. 

Secure Remote Access

Log in remotely and securely from anywhere with dual-authentication secure access. 

Security Patches    

Help keep your critical systems protected with up-to-date security patches distributed to POS systems.

Breach Assistance

Aids in covering financial expenses associated with a costly cardholder data breach.

File Monitoring and Reporting

Help maintain your POS system's PCI compliance with active file monitoring and reporting to help meet PCI DSS requirements.

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Netsurion 4G Data Backup*  

Don't let spotty internet disrupt or slow down your business. An internet outage can cost you way more than time. Since credit cards can only be processed with live internet connection, going into credit card spooling when internet is down could result in potential credit card declines and insufficient funds.  With Netsurion's reliable 4G data backup plans, you can ensure that your system never loses credit card processing capabilities. Once internet comes back up, your 4G data is automatically switched back over to wireless, with no system interruptions or lost credit card data!  

*Must have Netsurion Network Security Services or NCR Network Security Services.