NorthStar Order Entry

The industry's first ever tablet-based omni-channel ordering solution.

Supports five different order modes including kiosk, table-side, online, mobile and guest-facing.

North Star Order Entry

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The industry's first ever tablet-based omni-channel solution for restaurants, bars and more!

  Turn the complex into the simple with this reflexive, cloud-based technology.  

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A smart, innovative point of sale powerhouse that supports not just one but five different order modes - all on the same software! With NorthStar Order Entry, you can:

  • Login from anywhere, manage your menu and modify one or all of your stores at once from your smart phone

  • Change price, content, images and more on the go!

  • Capture guest signature and email receipts

  • Auto calculate and suggest tips

  • Integrate gift cards 

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Guest-Facing Tablet

Upload high-res custom images, use suggestive to help promote menu items and allow guests to pay at the table and sign on the tablet.

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Online Ordering

Add another valuable revenue stream to your business with online delivery, dining and catering order options that integrate directly with your POS.

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Mobile App

Put your restaurant in your customer's hands with this fully integrated smart phone app that allows guests to view your full menu, order online and make payments.

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Kiosk Ordering

Get customers in and out with ease of speed using this guest-facing kiosk. Built into your POS system and accessible from anywhere, this order mode can mimic the same menus, prices and options and your POS.

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POS Handheld

Features a stationary and handheld mode. Includes unlimited menu categories and advanced order capability. Easily split checks, route orders, capture signature, print and email receipts and auto calculate tips.

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WorldView Remote Access

Monitor all your sites at once with this remote access platform. Easily view, print and export reports from all your locations.