Aloha POS

The perfect solution for most bars, restaurants, cafes, franchises, theaters and venues.

Aloha is the most recognized and user-friendly point of sale in the restaurant and bar industries! It's feature-rich, easy-to-use and totally customizable.

Secure Remote Access 

Easily view, export and print reports from home and make system changes on the fly with Secure Access.

Reduced Training Time

Studies show 8 out of 10 servers are already familiar with Aloha's easy graphical interface.

Real Time Cloud Reporting

Analyze detailed reports to drill down on sales, server and restaurant performance. Access actionable restaurant data in real time.

Swift Maintenance for High Up-time

Avoid operational hassles with local onsite support. Our skilled technicians work hard to fix your units and return them to service quickly.

Guaranteed Business Continuity

Aloha Table Service has the industry’s best data redundancy program, ensuring that you won’t lose time or sales due to service disruptions.  

Above-Store Cloud Solutions

Add exponential value to your point of sale with NCR's complete suite of hosted solutions, which include Pulse Real Time, Customer Voice, Aloha Loyalty and Gift Cards. 

NCR: Delivering an Exceptional Dining Experience

For years, NCR has been the technology industry leader with a host of Omni-channel solutions for restaurants, bars, stadiums hotels, food trucks, cafes, gift shops and more.

From ordering to checkout, NCR delivers a seamless dining experience that improves customer service and helps bring back repeat business.

Nobody Delivers Like NCR

NCR Aloha Product Highlights

Powering The Biggest Brands Worldwide

While you have many choices for POS Systems and Solutions no company can deliver enterprise performance for your restaurant or bar like NCR.  With NCR's Aloha POS you can dominate your industry and still have power left for the future.  If you are already a large hospitality provider or know that you will be their one day you can rely on Aloha POS to power your business.

Power Your Future Today

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