Go-Live Support

Go-Live Support

Make sure you have the experts when and where you need them

At some point in your transition to a new point-of-sale system you are going to have to start using the system in front of your guests. The industry refers to this process as a Go-Live. This is a critical time for any business and this is a critical time for your business software. Of course you have been trained, but when you are helping or serving customers it's hard to remember everything.

No matter how much you prepare for it, change is always uncomfortable. At POS Solutions we believe a successful Go-Live is crucial to getting you started off on the right foot. Our knowledgeable technicians can help answer system questions from staff and even help you "remember" some of that training.

We are able to be as hands on or as hands off as you like us to be. We can be there for a meal time just to make sure everything is going well or we can even be there to help you close down the system after business. We even have remote live support options that our more seasoned users take advantage of.

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