Equipment Warranty

Equipment Warranty

Do your want to be the hardware guy? Or, let us handle that hassle so you run your business

After 20 years in business we have seen a lot of hardware and nearly as many vendors selling and supporting that hardware. One thing we have learned is that while many manufacturers can build computers, those same manufacturers often do a terrible job when that product fails. At some point, all hardware breaks. When it does the process for replacement or repair needs to be simple, seamless and quick.

Through a variety of vendor partnerships we are able to provide contracts that cover your hardware replacement needs. From handling manufacturer warranty repairs all the way to a technician coming to your site to replace hardware, we got you covered. At the time of equipment purchase our representatives will talk to you about both standard options and extra coverage options.

Any vendor can put in a "new" system and tell you it will work forever, but what happens when parts of that system to begin to fail? At POS Solutions, we take the extra step of only working with vendors that stand behind their products and services.

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